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“As long as you let me, I’ll protect you.
I hope all your dreams come true, I pray with all my breath…
I’ll wait for you, I’ll never let go of your hand. If you shed a tear, I’ll wipe them away for you…
No matter how much pain we go through, no matter the trouble we face,
Just the thought of you by my side, makes me love you even more…”

-Look..at the Sunset/Picture of You


I didn’t want to at first, to care about you, for my thoughts of you was just the same as other bands.
But as if by fate, one day I gave you a 2nd chance, that very day nearly 6 years ago…
I became Min Jaejae of Cassiopeia.

You guys who go by the names of Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Shim Changmin and Jung Yunho.
You are my special reason. You were where my life began.
You have made me who I am today.
You helped me grow as I watched over you these past years…
Forever and always my love for you will only grow.

Through the happiness,
Through the tears,
I’ve been standing by you.
I promise you five, that I will be your strength.

As the tears drops fall from my eyes, I remember when you first stepped out on December 26th, 2003.
It was the day that 5 people came into my life by destiny. The day that we fans became a family.
I believe that I will see your smiles once again in the future. I will wait for you until the end.
As Yoochun would say, “Always keep the faith.”

At the very core of my heart, you will find the souls of these five guys glowing within.
Within every other fan out there.
That’s what makes “Cassiopeia” connect.

Until I can see you together again, I’ll never lose hope.
I’ll continue fighting for your happiness.
I’ll protect you till the end.
Because you are..

My Dong Bang Shin Ki

“My love, I love you, you’re the most important to me, in this world. You’re my dream.
I need you, more than the air I breathe…"


Sealing Our Love With a Song Dedication

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