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because you meant so much to all of us
i'm one of cassie/bigeast in the world..
i knew them i.e. since they debut days..
how they all grown up..
how they become more mature..
and how their music still captivate me..
is still a mystery..

when the news of dbsk/tohoshinki/tvxq/tvfxq pausing their activities in Korea came out.. my heart was broken..
and then another news later this year..they paused their activities in Japan..i cant do anything...except crying and crying..

listening to their songs every single day..make my tears keep going down...

"I'm holding back the tears
I walk trying to lessen the weight of my heart
To a place that is neither close nor far
Where a different me stands
I will not cry "

~from DBSK-i'm holding back the tears

but today, i'll keep myself strong..
because i know, it's for the best..
because i'll wait..
oneday, all of our questions will be answered..
i will be here, waiting and supporting for each of them,
because we need 5 to be 1

i saw how my friends who used to call themselve cassies went away because they lose their trust in DBSK..
But i won't..
i am calling all cassies/bigeast out there to put our trust on them..because without them, there will be no us..

for dbsk,
"Even if fate′s mischief pains the heart
On the other side of those tears,
A single ray of light will swoop down into the darkness
We know"
"Everyone is searching for a place
That can heal their sadness and loneliness
So... for you, that place is here
Don′t be afraid, don′t hesitate anymore, because I′ll (we'll) protect you"

~from DBSK love in the ice

so in the end, we will wait and each one of you, because:
"Like a sun rising up,
I can't stop loving you.
Can't hold back anymore~
whenever you look in my eyes
There are so many smiles and tears
I was born to love feel so deep inside
If you need me"

~taken from DBSK Hug

if u need us..we are here, welcoming all of you, anytime =)

p/s: i couldn't find word to say my feeling for them.. but to say i am hurt just reading, hearing whenever people talk bad about them...and my heart broke into pieces just by imagining how hurt all of them because i know..how much all of us meant to 5 of them.



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