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#22: Thank you, with all my heart. [miki]

Credits to dbskarchives.blogspot.com for the song translations.

I've felt my heart so full of this fluttering
[내 여자친구가 되어줄래? (Will You Be My Girlfriend?), Tri-Angle]
>> I knew of TVXQ so late... So very late. Love at first sight... I don't believe too much of it. However, when some of my friends were watching a cut on Star King about DBSK and mini DBSK, I watched as well, and I was gone, just

like that. I went home, and watched another video - specifically their Balloons MV. Andddd yes. I fell. Most definitely.

The love that you've given me is slowly swallowing me.
[Tonight, Rising Sun]
>> Exactly that. The love TVXQ shows for us fans... is just indescribable. Their laughter, smiles, and happiness, to me, is a form of love. This love filled me with happiness...

Because you might’ve been too far away
Even that distant future reflecting from your eyes
We can last forever, anywhere in the world. Just one, there's only you. My one and only love. There's no one else besides you. I know this, I'll believe it. For eternity.
Stay with me a moment longer.

[One, Rising Sun]
>> They're the only one. This lawsuit thing... everything feels broken. But they'll always be the only one. Stay with us. We'll always be here.

I don't think it can be expressed by words

[ON&ON, 'O'-正.反.合]
>> A lot of the things I feel regarding to TVXQ, cannot be expressed by words...

If a red balloon flies in the sky, my heart remembers beautiful memories
I can’t understand why tears come out when I look at the sky

[Balloons, 'O'-正.反.合]
>> With everything happening now... Cassiopeia. Big East. Unite!

Just like the star that doesn't leave the dark night sky. We’ll carry this dream forever together with love and trust.
Against the wall of reality. Even the coldest of hearts. At the end of the flowing tears.

[Love in the Ice, MIROTIC]
>> Hope to the end. Always keep the faith. The last lines somewhat expresses my feelings relating to the hiatus...

But I can feel that it’s not your whole heart; your tears tell me
Don’t say goodbye, I can hear your heart telling me not to let go of your hands,I can hear you heart;
I won’t allow it - your lie of wanting to separate. It’s not…it’s not the truth
Let’s not let go of each other, and we’ll make it through
Cause you are my everything to me

[Don't Say Goodbye, MIROTIC]
>> TVXQ, Cassiopeia, and Big East. Everything that's happening now - it's not the truth... We'll all make it through, so we can't let go. TVXQ - cause you are my everything to me. 

Now, I think I've found my one and only light
We've shared smiles and tears alike
Because this journey the two of us have made (this journey). Won't just fade away.

[明日は来るから (Asu wa Kuru Kara), Heart, Mind And Soul]
>> How far we all have come... We can't just give it up, right? All the happiness and sadness that TVXQ and the fans have shared.. We can't just let it go. TVXQ and Cassiopeia was and is my light~

A tomorrow that is full of hope, together
[Eternal, Heart, Mind And Soul]
>> Maybe things will change... Let's hope and have faith.

The two of us will certainly meet again sometime, I want to see my favourite smile
Memories are fragments of yesterday. That become tomorrow's strength and light
When we can't meet, look up at the sky
Even if we're separated you'll be in my heart

[Hello Again, Five in the Black]
>> ... I can't describe this.

DBSK, TVXQ, Tohoshinki... These five people, united as one, really are the best of the best. They radiate pure awesomeness and beauty.. Their laughs, their smiles, their tears, their voices, their actions - it's so... angelic. Beautiful and bright and much more, yes? ^^ They work so hard, strive so hard, try so hard, and man, do they reach so high. They deserve all the love, praise, encouragement, success, and so much more. TVXQ were the ones who brought me into a new world - the world of k-pop. They also brought me happiness, laughter, smiles, and tears, a one-of-a-kind that I had never felt, in which I very much cherish. They are one of my greatest inspirations, and will continue to be for a long time to come, I'm sure of it. Keep on shining, flying, and reaching high. Nowadays, all the laughter and smiles, are replaced with sadness and pain... Please stay strong. We are by your side, and always will be. I'm sure you will get through it just fine. One day in the near future, maybe, the sadness and pain will be replaced with laughter and smiles once again. We will all be looking forward to that day~ Let's hope to the end.
Always keep the faith.



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