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Where are you now?
Who are you being with?
What kind of clothes are you wearing?
What are doing and laughing at?
I am right here.
Even now, I am right here.
And I still believe that we will see each other again.
You're the only one I'm thinking of. (Stand By You)


This song describes my feeling for all the DBSK members.. I will always stand by them in whatever situation they are in..



Baby Sky All the dreams and hopes are made of your eyes.
Tomorrow, certainly the sky will clear up, just like you are here with me.


My Hero
My Max
My Uknow
My Xiah
and Micky
We're the one, eternally~ ( Kiss The Baby Sky)



They are THE ONE! Nobody can ever replace them… They have given us a lot of hope and help us trough our lives.. Eventhough I only know them for 4 years out of their 6 years of performing, they are the first group that I really like!! They are very talented people and I will ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!! DBSK HWAITING!!




#14 ; you are my everything. [hoikyu]

 i want to stop time, and stay next to you forever.
i look up at the sky, and wish with all my heart...
[toki wo tomete]
...that you will see cassiopeia.

we will not leave,
because we believe that
tomorrow will surely come.

don't say goodbye.
you are my everything to me.
and not just to me, but to many other people as well.

wondering where you are, who you're with,
what's making you laugh, what you are wearing..
what you dream of, why you're smiling..
whatever happens, whatever i lose,
i never want to forget you.
..right here, even now, i'm still here
i believe that some day, one day, i can meet you.
my feelings are unchanged.. i'm still thinking of you.

baby, we will keep the faith.

i believe.

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#13 I will always wait and love you![Hila]

I keep praying don't forget it
Baby we keep the faith eternally[Break out]

I believe in you[Miduhyo]
and proud of your love[Proud]

I want to stop time,
and stay next to you forever..[Toki wo tomete]

you only love,
I can never give up[you only love]

Even though I want to see you so much...
I miss you so much...
I'm waiting for you,
don't forget me[Wasurenaide]

Don’t say goodbye,
you are my everything to me,
My tired days only look for you[Don't say goodbye]

Even though you sad, or happy,
I want to smile by your side
With all my heart
Find me and, I’ll be there for you[With all my heart]

Always be happy together,
I love you Hi ya ya ya [Hi ya ya]

I'll be there for you everyday[I'll be there]

my message:

Those lyrics..are reflecting my feelings right now...
DBSK....I believe in you with all my heart,
 I really miss seeing all of you..happy..you are really amazing persons...I'm a fan of yours almost 4 years..
No metter what~ I support any step you take, I really love you so much~!
This video below is a song I wrote&composed for you...even though my korean is not that good...


Hila~from Israel :)

逢いたくて ずっと君思うよ… 心から君を
Aitakute zutto kimi omou yo … kokoro kara kimi wo
I miss you, my thoughts are always with you, from the bottom of my heart

何度でも to heart 贈る smile for you
Nandodemo to heart okuru smile for you
For countless times, to heart, I’ll smile for you

悲しくても 嬉しくても
Kanashikute mo ureshikute mo
Even though sad, or happy

Kimi no soba de waraitainda yo
I want to smile by your side

With all my heart

Find me, and I’ll be there for you

~東方神起のWith all my heart

When rain falls, I'll be the umbrella that covers you
When the wind blows, I'll be the wall that shields you
And however deep the dark of night
Tomorrow will surely come

I want to tell only you
Tomorrow will surely come

~東方神起の明日は来るから 『Asu wa Kuru Kara』


The above lyrics deeply reflects what I feel right now. No matter what happens, I want to keep believing in them. I will NEVER ever stop hoping for them. I'm sure, they have been giving a lot of inspirations and motivations for us fans, all over the world. This time, when they are having a hard time themselves, WE fans should keep on cheering and supporting them, U-Know Yunho, Youngwoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu & Choikang Changmin. ^^

Here's the video I made but YT removed the audio because of copyright issue. T^T

I believe in you...I will send all my feelings for you through the way I look at you. Do you know how my heart feels, how I want to keep the feelings I have for you hidden?
Even the fearful feelings for when you might leave me one day.

- Miduyo


Ah, how would I start this? Dong Bang Shin Ki, it felt like yesterday when I went through all of the music videos when I first found out about you. That summer, was probably the summer that I was broken by betrayal. However, whenever I listen to TVXQ’s songs, it immediately makes me feel calm. Whenever I look at the five of you, it makes me feel so happy, because I know it’s hard to practice, promote and a concert in a row. I sometimes really wonder how your bodies can endure this? I’m very grateful that your songs have given me something to hold onto when I needed it. Although you probably won’t care, but I really want to say that, you make many people happy by just singing your beautiful voices to us. Of course, TVXQ would retire one day, but please don’t leave so soon. It’s heartbreaking to see that the whole group cannot laugh and smile at each other anymore because of the lawsuit.



There's more... : )Collapse )

To become the wind an go forth.
Fly to a world with you [all] in it right now.
Just to see you [all], just to see you [all].
Please don’t forget, [We're] waiting for you [guys].
Please don’t forget, [We are] here          -Wasurenaide.

Don’t say goodbye, don’t leave [us] now,
The promises we’ve shared is everything to me
Don’t say goodbye, [You guys] are [our] everything to [us],
My tired days only look for you [guys],
Like a pond which won’t dry, [We'll] love [DBSK],
[You guys] are [our] love, [You guys] are [our] soul       
  - Don't Say Goodbye


Tong Vfang Xien Qi. Dong Bang Shin Ki. Tohoshinki.

Whatever the name you guys are still the same. The Rising Gods of the East. Asia's top boy band. Cassiopeia/Bigeast's top Idols. My very own top idols. Dong Bang Shin Ki will never be the same without any member. 5-1=0. 5-2=0. 5-3=0. 5-4=0. Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun, Youngwoong Jaejoong, Max Changmin and U-Know Yunho FORVER. I love you guys. I will always keep the faith. I will always believe in you guys.

We will wait for you. You guys are our happiness and We will never forget the happiness you guys give us. Please Don't Say Goodbye. Always keep the faith.

#9 Proud of your love [hyun_tho]

"Even if a violent rain is falling
Even in strong winds

I will protect this love
If you are here then surely I can get over this
Because I am beginning to be able to think like this, so that I never loose this hand
Let’s always look towards the important times

On this street, we met by chance
Even now I don’t forget, from that day forward
Living, believing, will this is change into happiness
Forever, let’s walk together
Proud of your love."


Gods, you don't know how I feel when I first heard this. This is a great song, it describes my life.
Even this have not happened to me, but I will hold on that dream, on someday, finding someone like this.
DBSK are humans, and like us humans, we all cry, laugh, need. DBSK 's laughter spread through out the world, it gave me happiness.
Laughter is the best medicine, and hearing them laugh, makes me laugh. They are truly a wonderful group. :) 
Thank you, for giving me hope, a reason in life. <3 :)
Through the hardships DBSK may be facing right now, they will protect this love.
With Cassiopeia standing by, surely we can get over this.
At first, we didn't know who Dong Bang Shin Ki were, On this street, we met by chance.
Even now I don’t forget, from that day forward. It's true, we will never forget the songs they sang their hearts out for us.
Living, believing, will this is change into happiness. Forever, let’s walk together. Proud of your love.
Just another say to
Always Keep the Faith.
Let's always keep this promise with them, as they promised us.

Whatever they say

Whatever they say, don"t listen girl(s)
All they're doing is being envious of us
I just hope you will believe in whatever I(we) tell you
Whatever they say, I(we) don"t care, I(we) love you
(we)I can't lose you, its so hard

brackets are lyrics that i changed

Not just a name, but signifies strength, friendship and love
You guys gave me strength
You guys show me what real friendship is
Most importantly teaching me how to love
with these,
i won't listen to what everybody says
i believe in TVXQ
keep the faith....always
* i have so much more to say in my heart, but i choose to use actions to prove myself*
I'll wait, even if it takes forever.....❤


A letter i wrote to you guys a while ago
love my(:
stay happy, stay strong
"I want to be with you forever, my love
Looking up the sky, I made a wish
While tying all the shining stars together
I was looking for your shadow."  - 
lyrics from "Toki Wo Tomete" by TVXQ

Jaejoong.  Yunho.  Yoochun.  Junsu.  Changmin.  Five, individual, shining stars tied together to make one beautiful constellation that is called Dong Bang Shin Ki.  Just like the invisible lines connected between a group of stars to create one big picture in the sky, friendship is tied among these five men.  Even though the concept "friendship" is something that people cannot see, people can see the acts of friendship.  The acts of friendship between the five stars are so solid and so real that one cannot help but to take notice.  Although time has taken a pause in the group TVXQ, the ties of friendship are still evident among the five, individual, shining stars.  Continue to glow, Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu, and Changmin.  May your lights shine bright in your sole endeavors.  However, I also await your return as TVXQ, the beautiful constellation that I have grown to love so much.