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standbytvxq's Journal

Sealing Our Love With a Song Dedication
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[[ Intro ]]
Hi guys!

Welcome to the community for the project 'Sealing Our Love With a Song Dedication', a project to show our love and support towards TVXQ and fellow cassies, encouraging and motivating one another to keep the faith!

[[ What to do? ]]
It's basically like a song dedication.

#1: Find lyrics from (a) TVXQ song(s) in which you feel that best fit your feeling that you want to dedicate to the boys and fellow cassies.
[It can be a full song, or parts of a song, or a few snippets of various songs compiled.]
#2: Write a shoutout base on the songs feelings, encouraging/ motivating others to stand strong and keep the faith!
#3: Tag your posts~
[More info at the 'tagging' section below.]

That's all. Simple isn't it? Join and post away~

[[ Tagging ]]

Please do it in the following format:

Subject: #xx   __T_I_T_L_E__  [ username ]

E.g: #1 My Letter to you [Animeuver]

Please remember to state this! e.g: fan!Singapore, fan!Malaysia, fan!United States
lang!xxx: If you're typing in your mother tongue. But please provide English translations.  e.g: lang!mandarin, lang!korean, lang!japanese
[If you're only typing in english, there is NO NEED for the lang! tag.]

[[ Staff ]]
Admin: Animeuver (Championmugger@lj)

I started this project because I myself love writing, and I love TVXQ's songs and lyrics. So I was thinking, is there something I can do for the boys, that incorporates both?
So I started out by writing a 'letter', takings snippets of lyrics from their 1st album 'Tri-Angle', and joined them together like a song dedication.
Because I've read and heard many people wanting to 'give up' because they're tired from all these news, and I want to encourage them. But I know I can't do this alone...so I thought of expanding this into a project where many people can come together to give a 'shout-out' as motivation to fellow cassies.

Hopefully with everything up and running, I can try to send this website link to Max-san/Bigeast to show him our support. I hope the boys can see it too. ^___^

Moderators: Looking!
Advertisers: Looking!
Graphic Designers: Looking!

#1: What if I'm not a lj member?
ANS:It's alright. You can always email me: musicpained@gmail.com, with your name and country. ^___^

#2: Word limits?
ANS: None, but hopefully it can be a few lines.

#3: Can it be in my mother tongue?
ANS: Sure! But please provide the English translation as well. ^____^

#4: Can it be a video message?
ANS: Yep. I'm not too strict on that...but it would be nice if you can write a few lines as well.

#5: Is there a deadline?
ANS: As of now, none.

Any questions, post away~!